Making a Difference

Paul attracted more attention than anyone else in the New Testament church.

He was dynamic, energetic, and bold. He wrote letters and started churches. He cast out demons and performed miracles.

But his ministry might not have been possible without the example provided by Stephen, and the influence he made on Paul.

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Where does your Power come from?

Philip brought the Gospel to the people in Samaria, fulfilling Jesus’ statement that they would bring the Gospel to that region (Acts 1:8). Many were saved, and there were miracles. People responded with great joy. But the apostles in Jerusalem realized that these new Believers needed to be equipped. To have the strength and power that God had made available to them. They needed the Holy Spirit.

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Being Led by the Holy Spirit

Philip was led by God to the desert. In fact, he was led to a specific place, at a specific time.

He arrived to “the road which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza” (v. 26). There, he met a eunuch. Gradually, God’s plan became clearer to Philip.

The Spirit guided him, telling Philip to go to the chariot. As he obeyed, God was able to use him in the life of this Ethiopian. Why? Because he was in the place where God wanted him to be.

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From Burdens To Blessings

Tribulation! A word that implies situations that none of us really want to face. This word causes us to think of persecution, martyrs who sacrificed their lives, and intense spiritual warfare. We may understand the concept of glorying in tribulation, but certainly do not want to relate to it, embrace it, or even think about it. But Paul actually was referring to practical situations, not just life-and-death experiences. The word here translated “tribulation” means “pressure.”

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Turning Tragedy into Triumph

We can hardly imagine a more hopeless situation. First, their homeland was devastated by a famine so severe that Naomi and her entire family were compelled to move. Where did they go? To Moab, a country that had been Israel’s enemy. Then, her husband and both of her sons died.

She was left as an outsider in a foreign land, without a husband or sons in a society in which men provided the food, clothes, protection, and shelter. She easily could have given up. But Naomi pressed on, taking one step at a time.

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How To Avoid Defeat

Joshua did not know why his people had been defeated in battle.

But, looking at the circumstances, he decided that God had abandoned them.

His words are the words of a defeated man. A man who felt that all hope was lost. A man who was depressed and discouraged.

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Depending on God

As the people of Israel faced the tiny town of Ai, they were brimming with confidence. Having just defeated the mighty fortress at Jericho, they felt invincible.

They may well have felt that they were trusting in God throughout this process.

But, there is no record that they consulted God or sought His direction.

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3 Keys To Hope

In a world that is losing all hope what an awesome thing to know that the hope of the nations is our God.

As the headlines seem to get worse each week, now more than ever we must keep our eyes on the Lord. I believe that we have not seen anything yet.

The Bible says that there will come a day when everything that can be shaken will be shaken so that only that which cannot will remain. The only way for us to stand during this shaking is to remain steadfast and rooted in the Lord.

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Wilderness Experiences

Before Jesus started His ministry here on earth He had a wilderness experience.

After Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, the Spirit of God came upon Him. This was the beginning of His ministry.

Before He performed any miracles He went to be alone and prepare Himself through prayer and fasting.

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Waiting On God

We live in a busy world where we’ve grown accustomed to having things done fast. From fast food to the internet at our fingertips, we aren’t a very patient generation.

We all live busy lives and most of us can’t just sit still without doing anything. We have to be watching TV, playing video games or talking to someone on the phone.

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